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Verified UFSTP Carriers

The motor carriers listed below have satisfied all the requirements for the Uniform Food Safety

Transportation Protocol (UFSTP) program, including:

  • Executing the UFSTP agreement through the notarized signature of an owner, partner, officer, or director;

  • Accepting additional requirements and warranties through the application process;

  • Providing evidence of minimum insurance:

    • $750,000 BI/PD,

    • $100,000 cargo, and

  • Maintaining active FMCSA authority

We will maintain the executed UFSTP agreement and certificates of insurance on file for each confirmed UFSTP carrier and continually monitors FMCSA authority and insurance coverage. Those who do not meet UFSTP's requirements will be removed from the list immediately. In addition, we are confirming new UFSTP carriers each day. For this reason, we strongly advise against using any given snapshot of UFSTP participants for future decisions regarding perishable food loads. Shippers, brokers, warehousing firms and others should confirm a carrier's UFSTP status as necessary.

Note: UFSTP is not affiliated with any government agency, and participation in the UFSTP program is not required by any government regulation.

To search carriers by name or DOT/MC number, use the search feature located at the top right corner of the table below.

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