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Support for the UFSTP

Here are just a sample of the brokers and carriers that have endorsed the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol:


“KLLM Logistics Services is a broker of food products. Our industry is faced with compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act, and shippers, brokers and warehouses will expect all carriers to comply with minimum FSMA delegable duties. We endorse the UFSTP as a way for carriers to show compliance with food safety obligations under the Act. We depend upon small carrier partners in the spot market. The UFSTP will allow a streamlined vetting process to meet our obligation of ensuring that carriers are licensed, authorized, insured and in compliance with best practices for the handling of perishable commodities under the Act.”
          Cassie Icamina, director of logistics
          KLLM, Richland, Mississippi

“The industry needs to agree on common acceptable food safety standards and protocols for complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act. Shippers, packing houses and processing plants are not able to focus on the transportation rules. Each is trying to come up with their own contract terms and conditions, which will make it nearly impossible for small carriers to comply and brokers to vet carriers in the spot market.

Multiple variations in carrier expectations and contractual language that tries to shift all the compliance burden to brokers and carriers is unworkable. There is an immediate need to define a protocol that will serve the interests of all parties. That is why we endorse the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol. Small carriers can easily join the UFSTP, allowing them to certify they meet the minimum sanitation and safety requirements shippers and brokers should expect. Small carriers should join to ensure equal access to spot market freight.”
          Kenny Lund, vice president
          Allen Lund Company Logistics, La Cañada, California

“The UFSTP establishes much needed standards for compliance with FSMA and we enthusiastically support the protocol. It’s our hope that the shipping community embraces the Protocol because it is reasonable and in the best interests of all stakeholders.”
          Jim Morse, chairman
          RFX Inc. and Refrigerated Food Express, Avon, Massachusetts

“With the April 6, 2017 deadline looming, all carriers must understand the importance of having their companies and equipment in compliance so they are not foreclosed from the opportunity to serve shippers and carriers directly affected by FSMA. Participation in the UFSTP is an inexpensive and efficient way for even the smallest carrier to make it known in the industry that you are a properly licensed, authorized, and insured carrier in compliance with these new standards.  We strongly encourage all carriers to take advantage of this inexpensive opportunity to maintain their ability to continue to provide transportation services to customers and shippers.”
          Richard J. Bauer, executive vice president 
          RWI Transportation, LLC, Wilder, Kentucky

“As a 55-truck refrigerated carrier, we support carrier participation in the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol. Membership will allow carriers to provide evidence that they are licensed, authorized, insured and in compliance with the minimum duties shippers and brokers will require. The UFSTP is a simple solution to an otherwise challenging problem that will soon become apparent as the new rules become effective.”
          Scott Childress, director of safety & risk management
          Temperature Controlled Express, Nashville, Tennessee

“TRAFFIX is a well-established logistics provider specializing in the movement of perishable food products and uses thousands of small carriers to transport both fresh and frozen products between points in the U.S. and Canada. We endorse participation by our carrier partners in the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol, which sets forth best practices for handling perishable commodities and is intended to set the standard for complying with the new U.S. FDA rules. Participation by carriers in the UFSTP will be essential to meet our need to simply vet carriers as compliant with both U.S. highway safety and food safety rules.”
          Chuck Snow, president
          Traffix, Milton, Ontario


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