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Required UFSTP Documentation


*This page is for Applicants*

The instructions below are to be followed only after a carrier has applied for participation and paid the first-year annual fee.

Once a carrier submits and pays for its application for participation in the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol (UFSTP) and pays the annual fee, it must take two other steps to be confirmed as a UFSTP signatory.

  1. SIGN & NOTARIZE: The Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol agreement must be signed by the motor carrier applicant's owner, partner, officer or director and notarized. The formal document will be provided to you upon receipt of your registration & payment.

    • Expedite by Fax or Email (Send a copy of the signed and notarized UFSTP to or fax: 205-449-2993).

    • ORIGINAL: A hard copy must also be mailed to: UFSTP, 40 Burton Hills Blvd., Suite 200 Nashville, TN 37215.

  2. INSURANCE CERTIFICATE(S): Your company must arrange for its insurer(s) to provide certificates of BI/PD insurance in an amount of not less than $750,000 and cargo insurance in an amount of not less than $100,000. The certificate must come to us from the insurance agent or underwriter, not through your company. Insurers with questions can call us at 615-601-2486 .

    • Expedite by Fax Or Email (Send a copy of the insurance to or fax to 205-449-2993).

The signed and notarized UFSTP document and valid certificate(s) of insurance must be submitted before your company will be confirmed and publicized as a UFSTP signatory.


Tel: 615-601-2486

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