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UFSTP Application Form

Participation in the UFSTP is open to motor carriers that are authorized, licensed and insured and that comply with certain requirements and warranties. Property brokers that do not also have motor carrier authority are not eligible for the UFSTP program.



Step 1) Read UFSTP agreement text and Requirements & Warranties.

It is essential that you read these document carefully before applying as you will be expected to adhere to the practices it outlines. A formal copy for execution will be provided following submission of the application.

Step 2) Apply and pay below.

After you hit "Submit" you will receive a confirmation that includes a link to the Payment page. In the event the link does not load, you can pay at

If you do not see a "Submit" button at the bottom of the application form below, we suggest applying using a different browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). A printable version of the  application form may be sent by email or fax.

UFSTP is not affiliated with any government agency, and participation in the UFSTP program is not required by any government regulation.

TransComply provides UFSTP for carriers

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