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Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol


Participation in the UFSTP is open to authorized, licensed and insured carriers that have committed to abide by the terms of the UFSTP agreement. Joining the UFSTP involves 4 steps:

  1. Read the UFSTP agreement text carefully.

    • The Protocol's terms can be legally binding if a broker or shipper incorporates it by reference in a contract or load confirmation. You must be comfortable that you can comply. Most of the UFSTP's terms are common industry best practices, and nothing in the Protocol requires you to change any practices that already are compliant.

  2. Apply & Pay. Register & pay via our online application form or download or print a PDF.

    • Agree to terms of the UFSTP, as well as the requirements and warranties.

    • Participating costs just $100 a year. Online payment will expedite the process, however we also accept credit card payments by fax/US Mail or checks by US Mail with your application.

  3. Complete Documentation.

    1. Sign & Notarize Agreement: Upon completion of your application & payment, we will send you the Formal Protocol Agreement to sign, notarize and return by Fax/Email. Hard copies must also be mailed.

    2. Certificate of Insurance: The carrier must arrange for its insurer(s) to provide certificates of BI/PD and cargo insurance coverage. For details, go to the Documentation page.


    • Once completing the above steps, your company will be sent a confirmation certificate and published as a UFSTP signatory at

Finally, if you need if you need information on an awareness training program for drivers and other personnel, click here.

​Ready to Apply?

Note: UFSTP is not affiliated with any government agency, and participation in the UFSTP program is not required by any government regulation.


Fax 205-449-2993

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