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Grocery-delivery carrier seeks HOS rest break exemption

FMCSA is seeking comments by October 28 on an application from Transco, Inc. and its McLane Company affiliate for an exemption from the 30-minute rest break provision of the agency's hours-of-service regulations. Transco requests that its drivers be permitted to comply with the 30-minute rest break requirement while performing on-duty, not-driving tasks. The requested exemption would apply to all McLane drivers in its grocery and foodservice divisions who provide driving and delivery services to their customers.

Transco argues that while the 30-minute rest break provides an opportunity for long-haul drivers to break the monotony of driving, the breaks are unnecessary for McLane drivers, who make multiple daily stops and are engaged in significant physical activity during those periods. Also, the 30-minute rest break requirement causes McLane drivers to travel more than 8.2 million additional miles each year on more than 18,000 additional loads, resulting in eight additional reportable accidents per year, Transco said.

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