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New York doctor charged with false driver exam certifications

A physician in New York has been charged in a federal court in Brooklyn with falsely certifying physical examinations for commercial motor vehicle drivers. A complaint in the case charges that Dr. Gerald Surya, M.D., certified that he had examined and found phyiscally fit CDL applicants when he had not performed the examinations. According to the complaint, Dr. Surya was authorized to conduct U.S. Department of Transportation-mandated medical exams and certifications for CDL applicants and purported to conduct such exams at his JFK Medport office, located at JFK International Airport. The complaint alleges that applicants were not examined by Dr. Surya but rather by other JFK Medport staff members who had little or no medical training and were not authorized to conduct the exams.If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum sentence of 15 years of imprisonment.

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