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Get a handle on your company's FSMA tasks

The Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol can help carriers, shippers, receivers and brokers simplify perishable food transportation under the new FDA rule

Under new Food and Drug Administration rules designed to ensure the sanitary transportation of food shippers, receivers and brokers must ensure the carriers they use take steps to keep food safe.


Although FDA does not directly require most carriers to comply until April 2018, major shippers must comply by April 6, 2017, and many are choosing to delegate their FDA obligations to all carriers.

So motor carriers – regardless of size – will need to demonstrate compliance to stay competitive in hauling perishable food for major shippers and their brokers.

And shippers and brokers will need an easy-to-manage process to verify the compliance of their carriers.

How the UFSTP can help

The Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol (UFSTP) can bring uniformity and simplicity to all parties' compliance with the FDA rule on sanitary transportation of human and animal food.

The UFSTP agreement covers the minimum standards shippers and brokers will expect from carriers to ensure compliance with the FDA rule. Compliance support firm UFSTP verifies that each active UFSTP participant has formally committed to the Protocol's terms and conditions, holds active FMCSA carrier authority and maintains minimum liability and cargo insurance coverage.


Shippers, brokers, warehousing firms, and others can verify a carrier's UFSTP status at no charge at The Protocol's terms can then be enforced by incorporating the UFSTP by reference into spot-market agreements and load confirmations.

For more information, check out our FAQs or contact us.

Carriers: For information on applying for the UFSTP program, click here.

Note: UFSTP is not affiliated with any government agency, and participation in the UFSTP program is not required by any government regulation.

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