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Authored by renowned transportation attorney Henry Seaton, this practical guide to legal issues in truck transportation can help motor carriers and brokers steer clear of potentially catastrophic pitfalls in contracts and business relations with customers, independent contractors, insurers and factoring companies. The 300-plus-page book also offers a wealth of additional materials that make it an important reference book you will consult again and again.

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Rules of the Road

  • Rules of the Road: A Practical Guide to Legal Issues in Truck Transportation helps motor carriers and intermediaries adopt best practices and avoid serious problems with:

    • Freight contracts (Bills of lading, service terms and conditions, and written contracts of carriage) 
    • Owner-operator contracts
    • Insurance policies
    • Factoring agreements
    • Freight charge collections
    • Cargo claims
    • Customer bankruptcies

    Plus, the book includes chapters that address special issues involving

    • Intermodal drayage
    • Warehousing
    • Refrigerated transportation

    The 300-plus-page book includes other useful tools, such as:

    • Examples of a bill of lading and shipper-carrier and broker-carrier contracts
    • An outline of items to be included in carrier service terms and conditions
    • A review of important regulatory issues on the horizon
    • An extensive glossary of legal terms
    • A comprehensive list of commercial and safety statutory and regulatory citations

    Electronic versions of these documents are available as part of Member and New Entrant TransComply subscriptions, which for a limited time also include Rules of the Road at no additional charge.