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TransComply's Member provides ongoing support for compliance and business best practices, including help with safety management, contracts, insurance policy reviews; assistance filing biennial updates and other forms; and access to exclusive resources, such as up-to-date analysis of key regulatory developments, a members-only compliance hotline, invitation-only webinars, and referrals for key business services.


    • Exclusive access to members-only resources, including templates, handbooks, presentations, webinars and podcasts to help with (1) improving safety and compliance management; (2) reducing risk in contracts with shippers, brokers and owner-operators/agents; (3) avoiding cargo insurance gaps that could hurt or even shut down your company; (4) establishing and using service terms and conditions, bills of lading and forms; (5) handling cargo claims, salvage and mitigation
    • Filing of agents for service of process / BOC-3 ($150 annual fee - first year included in your subscription). You get access to qualified transportation attorneys in every state
    • Members-only hotline for compliance support
    • Up-to-date analysis and alerts regarding key regulatory and legislative developments
    • Referrals to recommended vendors for financial insurance, safety and compliance services, fuel discounts, towing services and more
    • Help with biennial updates and transfers of authority, change of name, address and corporate form